Thieves break into Mexican journalist's home, steal her laptop and credentials

In the northern Mexican state of Durango, four strangers broke into a journalist's home the night of Oct. 14 while she and her mother were asleep, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish). The intruders locked the two women in a room, and after spending several hours in the house, they stole the journalist's computer, car, and credentials, along with personal photos, underwear and perfume, IPYS said.

Durango's assistant prosecutor, Javier Castrellón, said he could not rule out that the robbery was an attempt to intimidate the journalist, Betsy Hidalgo, a reporter for Sistema Informativo Lobo at the Autonomous University of Durango and commentator for the political program Entre Lobos (Among Wolves) on the radio station 94.1 FM, according to the news agency CIMAC.

Hidalgo said she has received many insulting comments via her Twitter account after reporting that a cousin of the Durango governor mistreats his employees and does not pay them fairly, according to the newspaper Milenio.