Venezuelan crossword puzzle writer accused of inciting killing of Chavez's brother with hidden message

Venezuelan writer Neptali Segovia, who creates crossword puzzles for the newspaper Últimas Noticias, was accused of sending a hidden message inciting the killing of Adán Chávez, President Hugo Chávez's brother, reported the BBC.

The controversy happened when Miguel Pirela, news anchor of the state channel VTV, announced that "a group of specialists" discovered a hidden message in the crossword puzzle answers published on Wednesday, May 9, according to the newspaper El Mundo. In the game, the answers formed the words "Adán," "bursts" (as in bursts of gunfire), and "kill," reported the news site Inquisitr.

After the anchor's comments, Segovia was questioned by the Venezuelan police on Friday, May 11, according to The Huffington Post. This controversy happened during the ongoing Venezuelan presidential campaign, where opposers and supporters of the Chávez administrationexchange accusations.

Segovia, who has been writing crossword puzzles for the newspaper for 17 years, said that the crossword puzzles have nothing to do with politics, reported The New York Times. Segovia blamed the situation on "irresponsible people who try to create controversies during the presidential campaign."