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Journalists in Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela face invisible risk factors in terms of their mental health, according to researcher

According to recent research from Ecuador, journalism in Latin America is a profession with invisible psychosocial risk factors, a situation that was aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main researcher and four journalists explain how to face this reality in daily work.

An aerial view of Ciudad Guayana in the Venezuelan Amazon. The Caroní River can be seen on the left, while the town occupies the central portion. In the distant right, the Orinoco River flows, and in the foreground to the right, there's a lush forest

Journalists build network amidst threats and precarious conditions in the Venezuelan Amazon

After an investigation, three Venezuelan journalists realized the best way to help journalism in Venezuela's Amazon region would be through a network that promotes collaboration and produces coverage that is conscious of both the environment and human rights.

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Venezuelan fact-checking coalition receives data journalism award despite challenges in accessing information

The fact-checking coalition C-Informa of Venezuela won the Journalistic Excellence Award of the Inter American Press Association, in its category of data journalism, for revealing the social media disinformation strategy of Nicolás Maduro's regime. Learn more about the winning work in this article.

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Venezuelan independent news outlet launches NFT collection inspired by digital censorship

Following its line of innovation, Venezuelan independent news outlet Efecto Cocuyo launches a collection of NFTs, an element of blockchain technology, to raise funds and denounce the digital censorship suffered in Venezuela. The collection contains 489 images that represent the days that the news outlet has been blocked in their country.

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Prodavinci expands its educommunication program to train Venezuelan journalists on health, economics and more

Considering the media crisis in Venezuela, Academia Prodavinci, the educational division of the investigative journalism organization, launched a journalist training program this year. It seeks to train journalists and students in topics such as health, economics and gender inequality in order to contribute to the development of a more solid, contextualized and analytical journalism.

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Panel sheds light on attacks against press freedom after 25 years of Chavismo in Venezuela

In a panel at UT Austin, four Venezuelan journalists recounted their experiences of persecution and survival during two and a half decades in a country that is no longer a democracy, where print newspapers are lacking and the official media have become hegemonic.

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By not doing our job 'we leave room for those who seek to intimidate us': 5 questions to Venezuelan journalist Ronna Rísquez

Venezuelan journalist Ronna Rísquez, who specializes in violence and organized crime, spoke with LatAm Journalism Review about the publication of her first book 'El Tren de Aragua: The gang that revolutionized organized crime in Latin America,' about this criminal organization that has a presence throughout the region.

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In Venezuela, fact-checking coalition created to show how disinformation works

Venezuela has a favorable climate for disinformation and its government has taken advantage of the reach of social media to spread false information. A group of media and digital rights organizations have created the fact-checking network C-Informa to show how disinformation works in that country.

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Journalists from Brazil, Peru and Venezuela share tools and best practices to improve illegal mining coverage

Using satellite imagery and geo-referencing, following the trail of trafficking networks and taking care for the safety of journalist and sources are techniques that journalists Yvette Sierra of Mongabay, Joseph Poliszuk of Armando.Info and freelancer Hyury Potter have applied in their investigations of illegal mining in Latin America.

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How to tell stories in countries that have non-transparent and authoritarian governments? Latin American journalists shared experiences and strategies

During the LATAM Festival of Digital Media and Journalism, journalists from Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, and Venezuela shared how they go around the opacity and hostility of their governments. They agreed that the lack of transparency and access to information can cost human lives.