We asked Latin American journalists why press freedom is important and this is what they said

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas wanted to celebrate World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) by turning the tape recorder to journalists and press freedom advocates.

We wanted to know why these professionals thought press freedom was important. So we asked.

Here are their responses, which we are posting on social networks throughout May 3 to celebrate WPFD.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation” and will be commemorated with events around the world and on social media.

Join the conversation and tell us why press freedom is important to you. Use the hashtags #WorldPressFreedomDay and #PressFreedom.

César Batiz: Press freedom helps us build more democratic societies and fight the specter of authoritarianism
Luiz Galeano: Elections, democracy and freedoms do not reconcile with false news, that's what journalists are for, to unmask falsehoods and report the truth
Miriam Leitão: I went into journalism when Brazil experienced cersorship imposed by the military dictatorship. I know the value of freedom of the press not by hearing, but by living.
Natalie Southwick: Freedom of the press is a fundamental right for any free society
Daniel Bramatti: Like an individual, a society does not improve if it is not open to criticism
Mijal Iastrebner: Press freedom is important to guarantee independent and diverse voices, which not only inform society but also represent it
Janine Warner: We are focuses on supporting entrepreneurial journalists because they represent the best of press freedom
Jan-Albert Hootsen: Freedom of the press is one of the main lines of defende against authoritarianism
Alejandra Cruz
Izabela Moi
Paula Bianchi
Maria Vitoria Ramos
Martín Rodríguez Pellecer
Alejandro Valdez Sanabria
Enrique Naveda
Pedro Vaca