Awards and Opportunities

Cuban journalist Loraine Morales and Colombian journalist Andrea Aldana over a blurry background of a university classroom.

Exiled journalists from Colombia and Cuba to teach at Spanish university how to do journalism in hostile environments

Colombian journalist Andrea Aldana and Cuban journalist Loraine Morales, who live in exile due to hostility towards journalism in their countries, will strengthen their teaching skills while sharing their experience with journalism students, as part of a program promoted by Reporters Without Borders and Spain's Miguel Hernández University.

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Chequeado, Latam Chequea and UNESCO offer talks to counteract electoral disinformation in LatAm

Latam Chequea, UNESCO and Chequeado seek to provide tools to more effectively combat the disinformation that circulates during elections through talks aimed at key actors in the electoral process - such as journalists, electoral bodies and high school teachers. The next talk aimed at journalists will be held on June 14.

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2023 round-up of awards that celebrate Latin American journalism

Despite being under attack, journalism in Latin America continues to be recognized through the various awards that are held annually. LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) selected the most important awards to be granted during 2023, with information on nominations, categories, requirements, and award ceremonies.

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Honduran investigative journalist Jennifer Avila wins Gabo 2023 Award for Excellence in Journalism

Honduran investigative journalist Jennifer Ávila — reporter, editorial director, and co-founder of Contracorriente — was the winner of the Recognition of Excellence category of the Gabo Award 2023, becoming the first journalist from her country to receive the honor, the Gabo Foundation announced Monday morning.

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ICFJ's Global Summit seeks to encourage fact-checkers to seek new outreach formats

The ICFJ-led Empowering the Truth Global Summit seeks to enable fact-checkers to reach new audiences with real facts in new formats to combat the speed of misinformation. The invitation is for every Thursday in March in one and a half hour sessions in five languages.

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A roundup of 2023 events for Latin American journalists

In journalism, participation and collaboration are essential. LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) has created a list of the most important events for journalists in Latin America to be held during 2023. Buenos Aires, Bogota, Quito, and Mexico City, are some of the expected venues.

Guatemalan journalist Carlos Kestler accepting an award by the Foreign Press Association of London with a Guatemalan flag as background

At the age of 23, Guatemalan journalist Carlos Kestler gives visibility to his country’s journalism with a project that was a finalist for an international award

In a year of hostility and opacity towards journalism by the Guatemalan government, Prensa Libre and Guatevisión reporter Carlos Kestler was chosen as a finalist for the Thomson Foundation's Young Journalist of the Year award for his special 'Broken Connectivity.'

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Venezuelan publishing house Editorial Dahbar receives an award from the Association of American Publishers for its defense of freedom of expression

On Nov. 30, the Association of American Publishers awarded the International Freedom to Publish/ Jeri Laber Award to publishing house Editorial Dahbar. LJR spoke with its founder Sergio Dahbar about his career and the challenges faced by the journalistic and publishing industry in Venezuela.

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‘[In Mexico] it’s very common to receive threats of various kinds and I am no exception’: Juan Villoro, 2022 Gabo Award for Excellence

As part of the 2022 Gabo Festival, which returned to its in-person version this year and made its debut at its new venue in Bogota, Colombia, several awards were presented to outstanding journalistic works from around the region. On Oct. 21, the 2022 Recognition of Excellence Gabo Award was presented to Mexican writer, journalist, chronicler, and critic Juan Villoro for his renowned and extensive career.

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Coda.Br data journalism conference returns in hybrid format and celebrates 50 years of Philip Meyer's 'precision journalism'

The seventh edition of the Brazilian Conference on Data Journalism and Digital Methods - Coda.Br, which runs from Oct. 31st to Nov. 6th, will once again have a face-to-face event in São Paulo. The conference will include people from around the world who want to follow panels and workshops online, as a celebration of the legacy of American journalist Philip Meyer, who coined the term "precision journalism" to designate the work with data in the profession.