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Book explores the emergence of sensationalism, shock and amazement as central production values of TV journalism in Brazil

In the book "The man with the white shoes: The life of the inventor of the dog-eat-dog world on Brazilian TV," journalist Maurício Stycer sheds light on the professional trajectory, personal history and innovations introduced by Jacinto Figueira Júnior, better known as The man with the white shoes. Stycer, a renowned TV critic in Brazil, explores the emergence of sensationalism, shock and amazement as central production values of TV journalism in the country.

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'As journalists, we cannot let spite cloud our judgment and keep us from doing our job honestly,' said Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Salinas Maldonado

LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) talked to Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Salinas Maldonado about the publication of his fictionalized biography about Rosario Murillo, current vice president of Nicaragua and President Daniel Ortega’s wife. The journalist also talked about the pain of exile and his plans for the future.

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Research on the impact of climate change in Uruguay achieves media and social impact

For the first time in Uruguay, a team of scientists and journalists analyzed different databases on the flood line and its impact on the population and relevant infrastructure along the coast of Montevideo. The result was "The submerged city," winner of the 2023 Sigma Awards that celebrate the best data journalism in the world.

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Moving forward with no fear and no glass ceiling: What drives Latin America's women media leaders

Women CEOs and media founders in several countries in Latin America reflect on the road they have traveled. They examine how lessons learned and challenges faced can help pave the way for others coming behind them, who will soon be in charge.

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How to cover school attacks: Experts discuss best practices and impact of coverage on violence in Brazil

The attack by a 13-year-old student at a school in São Paulo has revived debate in Brazil about the impact of news coverage on this type of violence. The Association of Education Journalists (Jeduca) brought together experts to advise on how to carry out responsible coverage, in order to prevent the proliferation of such attacks.

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7 more journalistic expressions in Portuguese, English and Spanish that every Latin American journalist should know

In the fourth edition of our glossary of journalistic expressions in Latin America, learn about the meaning of Coleguinha, Encochinado, Pescoção, Lobster shift, evergreen story, and caliche, among other jargon used by journalists in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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The most important stories of 2022, according to the LatAm Journalism Review team

In 2022, LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) published more than 250 feature stories, articles and interviews on press freedom and innovation in journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean. For our traditional round-up, which highlights the most important stories from the past 12 months, we decided to ask the LJR team. Our reporters selected one story of their own and one produced by a colleague in 2022, and we also highlighted our most-read stories on the site.

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Sumaúma wants to 'amazonize the world' by doing journalism with a 'nature-based view': An interview with Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum

A tree thought of as the "queen of the Amazon," the “sumaúma” or kapok tree is one of the symbols of this tropical forest that covers a large part of South America. This icon of Amazonian magnificence gives its name to a journalistic project that publishes feature stories and articles in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Its goal is to amplify the voices of the forest and "to refocus the world," as Eliane Brum, one of the founders of Sumaúma, said in an interview with LatAm Journalism Review (LJR).

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‘This recognition is an antidote against the disqualifications and aggressions that we Mexican journalists face’: Javier Garza Ramos, 2022 Maria Moors Cabot Special Citation

On October 11, Mexican journalist Javier Garza Ramos received a Special Mention in the Maria Moors Cabot Award 2022. In this interview, he talks about his relationship with journalism, what it means to work in a country like Mexico and how ego can become a double-edged sword.

For 20 years, Abraji has helped reshape investigative journalism in Brazil and beyond

Since its inception, the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) has remained faithful to its founding principles: professional training, defense of freedom of expression, and the right to access public information. Abraji has not only become an organization of professional journalists with an important voice in the Brazilian media scene, but also a standard for associations in other countries.