Prosecutor asks for protection of journalist who was attacked in Olímpia, São Paulo

"The São Paulo public prosecutor's office requested the Criminal Court of the District of Olímpia, in the northwest region of the State, issue a protective measure in favor of José Antônio Arantes, editor and owner of Folha da Região. The townhouse where the newspaper headquarters is located and which houses the journalist's home was attacked by a fireman almost two months ago. The civil servant confessed to setting fire to the building because he disagreed with the editorial line of the outlet, which defends measures of social distance during the pandemic.

In the letter sent on May 5, 2021, prosecutor Rodrigo Pereira dos Reis asked the judiciary for the municipal firefighter Claudio José Azevedo de Assis, known as Claudio Baía, to not leave his house at night and be prohibited from approaching the journalist and family. 'The protective measure, if approved, does not protect our physical integrity, but it is a sign of hope,' said José Antônio Arantes."


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