ANP strongly condemns the release of kidnappers of journalists in Bolivia

"A strong condemnation was expressed by the Bolivian National Press Association (ANP, by its Spanish acronym) after the decision of Judge Roberto Cruz Hurtado who freed two kidnappers of journalists, in two hearings held between June 22 and 27, and described the fact as a reprehensible act of impunity that distorts the sense of justice.

Judge Cruz Hurtado yesterday granted house arrest without police escort to Hebert Sixto Canaza Sacaca, accused of kidnapping 17 people, among them six journalists, agricultural workers and police officers, on Oct. 28, 2021, in a property that had been trespassed, in the Guarayos province of the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The president of the Santa Cruz journalists' union said that a brief has been presented to the Attorney General's Office to initiate a legal audit.

The appeal will establish that Judge Cruz Hurtado committed a breach of public duties, 'without caring that during the hearing on June 27 he was reminded that, during the reconstruction of the facts, the journalists who suffered seven hours of kidnapping and physical and psychological torture recounted in tears what happened last October.'"

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