Article 19 condemned Mexican president's stigmatization of journalist: ‘Distortion is not a response to impunity’

"The organization that defends the rights of freedom of expression and access to information, Article 19, condemned the statements made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to one of the reporters present at his morning conference on Jan. 26. The president "disqualified and revictimized" the demand for justice for the murder of journalists in Veracruz made by Jorge Sanchez, family member of one of the victims.

We're talking about the son of Moisés Sánchez, a journalist who was murdered in January 2015 in Veracruz state. Sánchez rebuked the authorities demanding action, beyond the monotonous discourse of seeking justice through the work and coordination with prosecutors' offices.


In his reply, Jorge mentioned Joaquín 'el Chapo' Guzmán's mother and implied that if it were her, the president would give priority to the request. This was not well taken by López Obrador who said the argument was part of the 'conservative block's' discourse, which led to him naming some figures who have been harshly criticized by his administration."

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