Bolsonaro blocks 69 journalists and six media outlets on Twitter, according to Abraji

"A survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) shows that in addition to blocking 69 journalists, President Jair Bolsonaro's Twitter account has already vetoed six media outlets. For specialists heard by Abraji, the new strategy signals a clear impediment to the work of press professionals and a discriminatory act.

According to Abraji's monitoring, as of this Monday (July 5, 2021), the president has blocked, in chronological order, the sites The Intercept Brasil, DCM, Aos Fatos, Congresso em Foco, Repórter Brasil and O Antagonista. In addition to Jair Bolsonaro, three other authorities who hold public office have blocked four outlets, totaling 10 blocked journalistic companies."


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