Brazilian government creates 'TV Bolsonaro'; president turns public broadcaster into propaganda machine

"A feature story by Luigi Mazza, published in the May issue of Piauí, shows how President Jair Bolsonaro has politically biased the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), whose main outlet is TV Brasil. The story, which interviewed 29 employees and former employees of the station, as well as former managers, talks about the constant presence of Bolsonaro on TV Brasil's screen. It also gives a history of how the Bolsonaristas - backing away from the promise to close or privatize the EBC - ended up co-opting the station. And he talks about how feature stories  - and even simple questions - were censored. Check out some of the main points:

Reporters recount that they can't mention a 'military dictatorship' on air. At most, a 'military regime.' Journalist Lucas Krauss, who edits text for TV, said he wrote a story saying that the government was slow to act to avoid the energy crisis. The article was censored.


Bolsonaro's political opponents rarely appear on TV. Lula is almost never news. João Doria, former governor of São Paulo, didn't even appear when he brought the vaccine to Brazil. On the day the first dose was applied in the country, the scene was filmed by the São Paulo government. TV Brasil received the images, but had editors select only scenes in which Doria was not present."

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