Brazilian State asks for official pardon for Clarice Herzog, widow of Vladimir who fought for justice for journalist murdered during dictatorship

"This Wednesday (April 3), the Amnesty Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in Brasília unanimously approved the recognition of Clarice Herzog as a political amnesty.

The widow of journalist Vladimir Herzog, tortured and killed on Oct. 25, 1975 by agents of the former DOI-CODI (Department of Information Operations - Center for Internal Defense Operations) in São Paulo, fought for decades for memory, truth and justice for Vlado.

The session was attended by her son, Ivo Herzog, president of the Deliberative Council of the Vladimir Herzog Institute, who received tributes and forgiveness from the State on behalf of his mother, during the ceremony at the Nereu Ramos Auditorium.

In a speech, Ivo highlighted that the heroine of the story in search of elucidating the fraud surrounding Vlado's death, constructed and published in the newspapers of the time, was Clarice Herzog. Ivo also dedicated the session to women and mothers who fought for justice during and after the dictatorship."

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