Central American Network of Journalists created to defend freedom of expression from attacks and authoritarianism

"Central American journalists have created the Red Centroamericana de Periodistas (Central American Journalists Network). The initiative seeks to work jointly and in a coordinated manner against authoritarianism and the challenges that it brings for freedom of expression and the exercise of independent journalism.

The initiative was launched within the framework of the Central American Journalism Forum (CAP), which took place in Antigua, Guatemala. In their Statement, the journalists say that 'given the deterioration of the democratic institutionality that the region is currently experiencing, the difficulties for the free exercise of the profession are the biggest that the Central American press has faced in the last three decades.'

According to a press release, in recent years, the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of the press have taken a step back in Latin America, and particularly in Central America, and with them, the rights of the population to be informed."

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