Cuban journalist Camila Acosta accused of 'instigation to commit a crime' for June 11 coverage

"Independent journalist Camila Acosta, under house arrest for more than four months, has had her charges changed for reporting on the July 11 protests, for which she was detained for four days after the protest. The political police informed her on Nov. 30, [...] in Havana, where the young woman was summoned.

Streaming direct, the CubaNet contributor and correspondent for the Spanish newspaper ABC said that she was no longer charged with 'public disorder,' as she was told back then, but rather 'instigation to commit a crime,' a crime that, according to Acosta, was added to her file after her arrest.

'The [State] Security does whatever they want with these files and, of course, this is a false crime as well,' the journalist said in the video. She says she faces three months to a year in prison for the accusation, plus a '100 to 300 quota fine'."

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