Daniel Ortega's regime renews attacks and detentions of journalists in Nicaragua

"The Nicaraguan Police carried out this Thursday [May 20] a new raid against the magazine Confidencial, a media outlet critical of the Daniel Ortega regime and led by journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro. Several journalists were repressed or detained while covering the raid.


Chamorro, the journalist, has denounced in a radio program that at the time of the raid a photographer from the media outlet was in the newsroom who remains, he has said, 'disappeared' after the entry of the police.


This Thursday, the Ortega government summoned journalist Cristiana Chamorro, sister of the director of Confidencial, to the Interior Ministry. Chamorro was called because, according to the accusation, the Violeta Barrios Foundation, which she directed and which was closed last February, committed the crime of money laundering."


LJR Note: The newsroom of Confidencial, Esta Semana, Esta Noche and Revista Niú was raided by the National Police on Dec. 13, 2018 during the political crisis that took hold of Nicaragua. In February 2021, the Ortega regime turned it into a home for expectant mothers. The Violeta Barrios Foundation suspended operations that same month after the Foreign Agents Law was passed.


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