Experts assess effects of the monitoring of journalists by the Brazilian government

  • Source: Abraji
  • December 4, 2020

“Rubens Valente, a columnist for UOL, obtained a report on the behavior of 81‘ influencers ’- 44 of them journalists - on social media. The analysis was produced by BR + Comunicação at the request of the Ministry of Economy, which takes advantage of a contract established between the company and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCTI). The transaction, which includes other services, is made through a decentralized execution period (TED), starting in June 2020, for the total amount of R $ 2.7 million [about US $ 524,000].


The ratings given to the ‘influencers’ caught the journalist’s attention: detractors (51); favorable (23); informational neutrals (8). The list also indicated to the government different ways of approaching professionals: what actions to propose, how much attention each should receive. Valente stresses that some professionals of the press were classified as opponents. ”

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