In 2020, 13 countries reported 3,350 attacks against journalists and media: Voces del Sur

"The Voces del Sur (VDS) network presented the Shadow Report 2020  that compiles alerts related to violations of freedom of expression, freedom of the press and access to information that occurred in 13 Latin American countries: Argentina , Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.


The regional results of the 2020 SOMBRA REPORT entitled: Journalism in time of Covid-19: Authoritarianism, Disinformation and Precariousness in Latin America, reflect that between January and December 2020 the 13 partner organizations reported 3,350 attacks against journalists and the media. This year 59% of these attacks had the State as the main perpetrator of the violations."


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