In Argentina, two journalists denounced they were victims of sexual abuse while covering elections in Tucumán

"Two Argentine journalists denounced that during the coverage of elections in the Government House of the province of Tucumán they were victims of sexual abuse. According to the accounts, the first attack occurred on Sept. 12 during the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries and the second, on Nov. 14.

One of the affected is Carolina Ponce de León, a journalist at Radio Universidad. She said that on Sunday she was cornered by three strangers. 'I put my purse between my legs to slow them down a bit. Then, one of these people's ring got snagged on a hook that my purse has. I was so ashamed of the situation, I wanted to get to where my colleagues were. They realized something had happened by look on my face. I started screaming,' she told the local newspaper El Tucumano."

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