Journalist from Radio La Costeñísima in Nicaragua found guilty of defamation

"Judge Deyanira Traña, in charge of the Bluefields Local Criminal Court, declared the journalist and editor-in-chief of Radio La Costeñísima, Kalúa Salazar, 'guilty' this Wednesday morning, Sept. 23, for the crime of calumnia (defamation), after publishing the report: 'Corruption is uncovered in the Mayor's Office of the El Rama municipality'...

Salazar, upon leaving the Bluefields Judicial Complex, said that she considers the guilty verdict against her 'unfair,' as she reiterated that the only thing they have done from Radio La Costeñísima is 'open the microphones for citizens to report'...

The editor-in-chief of La Costeñísima also warned that what these types of sentences do is 'criminalize' independent journalism."

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