Journalist Yoel Acosta denounces threats to force him to leave Cuba

"Journalist and Diario de Cuba media outlet contributor Yoel Acosta Gámez denounced the harassment and threats to which he is being victim by the State Security in Baracoa, Guantánamo, to force him to leave the country.

‘Earlier this month I was summoned by State Security. In that interrogation, agents questioned a Facebook publication I had posted, in which I asked for freedom for political prisoners. But the real objective was to tell me that if I did not leave the country before April 1, they were going to prosecute me for the crime of attacking State Security,’ Acosta Gámez said in a video sent to the Diario de Cuba's newsroom.

‘For that alleged crime I have been harassed for two months now. During this interrogation, the repressors tried to blackmail me with my children, the health of my wife and my mother, which is not the best, but I told them that I had no intention to leave the country and neither was I going to give them the pleasure of sending me to prison,’ the reporter said.

The journalist and activist has suffered systematic harassment by the Cuban political police, at least since last year. Last October, he denounced that several agents hit him in the head, back and chest during an interrogation to which he was summoned."

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