Judge finds Nicaraguan journalist Miguel Mora guilty of conspiracy

"A Nicaraguan judge found journalist Miguel Mora guilty for the crime of 'conspiracy' on Feb. 4. Mora was one of seven presidential candidates imprisoned in the country for eight months, after announcing his intention to run against President Daniel Ortega. Ortega was re-elected in November for a fourth consecutive term.

The former director of the 100% Noticias channel, occupied and confiscated by the government at the end of 2018, was convicted of the crime of "conspiracy to undermine national integrity" by Judge Nadia Tardencilla, journalist Lucía Pineda Ubau said. She currently directs the television station from exile in Costa Rica.

Mora, who had already been imprisoned in 2018-2019, is the first of the seven imprisoned opposition candidates to be blamed by the Ortega government. He was sent to prison on June 20, as part of a wave of arrests that affected another 45 political leaders, professionals, businessmen, former guerrillas, and former diplomats who opposed the veteran Sandinista president."

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