Media alliance Redacción Regional launches to cover common threads of corruption and authoritarianism across Central America

"Redacción Regional, which means 'regional newsroom' in Spanish, was formed to produce journalism […] that examines how Central American governments are ‘attacking their own democracies.’ It’s made up of four newsrooms: La Prensa Gráfica in El Salvador, Contracorriente in Honduras, No-Ficción in Guatemala, and Divergentes in Nicaragua. Dromómanos, a production company that works with newsrooms to produce investigative and narrative journalism all over Latin America, is also a member of the collaborative. Its goal, as its first investigation nails, is to cover the rise of authoritarianism, corruption, and militarism across Central American countries.

'Today more than ever, it’s been proven that collaborative journalism and journalistic alliances are a great bastion and a great support for journalists to be able to penetrate, to be able to influence, and to be able to exchange knowledge and generate greater depth in journalism,' Daniel Valencia Caravantes of La Prensa Gráfica said.


Every week, designated journalists from each media outlet meet virtually to discuss common threads and what kind of coverage Redacción Regional can produce. Like its first investigation, República Finquera, which was published today, RR plans to publish a new investigation every Monday."

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