Mexican journalist couple goes into exile after repeated threats by organized crime

"The call on May 13 was not the first nor the last. But it was the one that broke everything. The one that forced journalist Juan de Dios García Davish and his wife, also a journalist, María de Jesús Peters, to pack their bags, look for friends outside Mexico and prepare to flee. 'We are going to kill your family,' Garcia rabidly heard on the other end of the phone. [...] María de Jesús Peters, who won the Ortega y Gasset Award for Best Photography in 2020 [...] says that until they spoke to colleagues in the U.S. media, they had not been able to grasp the extent of the trouble they were in.


Both García and Peters reported the threatening call to the Public Prosecutor's Office, as they had done in previous years. In neither case was anything resolved. They were promised protection, with permanent surveillance at their home by patrols and even by the National Guard, but no authorities showed up at their house. So they decided to leave. Their objective is to flee Mexico, as they believe the Government is incapable of protecting them, as well as dozens of other threatened and displaced journalists, as denounced by civil organizations such as Article 19".

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