Mexico, ten years after the murder of journalist ‘Milo Vela’: no author or motive

  • Source: DW
  • October 26, 2021

“In his last column in the Mexican regional newspaper Notiver, Miguel Ángel López Velasco addressed femicide, political nepotism and the contamination of drinking water. Authorities had promised to deal with the problems, wrote López Velasco, then deputy director of that media outlet for the state of Veracruz. "And if not, we will remind you here," he assured. It never came to that. A few hours later, López Velasco, alias 'Milo Vela,' was dead.

It was June 20, 2011. The murderers came under cover of darkness while the 55-year-old journalist slept, smashed the front door and shot him, his wife Agustina, and their youngest son, Misael, 21, with over 400 bullets from rapid firearms. The police, whose station was less than a block away, did not even dispatch a patrol car. Ten years later, the prosecutor has yet to find a motive or perpetrators. The couple's two oldest children had to go into exile."

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