Uruguayan press freedom organization concerned about Ministry of the Interior's alleged investigation of journalist's sources

  • Source: Cainfo
  • March 6, 2024

“The Center for Archives and Access to Public Information (Cainfo) expresses its concern about the internal investigation organized by the Ministry of the Interior [of Uruguay] to investigate the sources of journalist Eduardo Preve for journalistic publications about the use of the device known as ' The Guardian' and other cases involving the police.

The investigation would have been under the control of the National Directorate of Investigations of the National Police [dependent on the Ministry of the Interior], and was not requested by the prosecutor's office, according to what the journalist said on M24 radio. On the other hand, Minister of the Interior Nicolás Martinelli has knowledge of incident since Nov. 9, 2023.

The investigation included access to the journalist's file in the Public Security Management System, the search for possible informants and the calls he made and received through his mobile device.”

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