New sentencing in the murder of Mexican journalist Moisés Sánchez 'makes access to justice impossible'

“On Jan. 6 of this year, Jorge Sánchez – the son of Moisés Sánchez, a journalist who disappeared and was murdered in 2015 – received notification of the reinstatement of criminal proceedings of police officers who were already sentenced in 2018 for the crime of failure to comply in the course of duty and for co-participation in the murder of his father. This could imply the exoneration of the police officers, aggravating the lack of access to justice 6 years after the events.

After the forced disappearance of Moisés Sánchez, the ministerial authorities began investigations against municipal police officers Luigi N and José F. because they failed to respond to the call for help made by Moisés's relatives and neighbors, after an armed command of six people removed him from his home on Jan. 2, 2015. Said criminal proceeding resulted in a judgment issued on March 23, 2018, issued by the Third First Instance Judge of the Judicial District of Veracruz within criminal case 100/2017."

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