Nicaraguan Government tries to turn the 'practice of journalism into a crime,' says editor of La Prensa

“The editor of the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa, Fabián Medina, denounced that the regime of President Daniel Ortega tries to make the practice of journalism a crime in the country, after leaving an interview in the prosecutor's office to which he was summoned this Thursday [June 10].

'The prosecutor who interviewed me insisted a lot on what I was doing, the sources, who they were, whether if I knew that for example an opinion I gave in my column was a crime because I am not proving it," Medina told media after the audience.

'What I see is that there is an attempt to turn journalism, the practice of journalism, into a crime by defining what lies are,' added the editor, who is also a writer for the newspaper, which is one of the few media not controlled by the Ortega government."


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