Journalists in Guatemala: 'During the Giammattei presidency, journalistic work has been criminalized'

"Despite the complaints, the Guatemalan government assures that 'at no time has it carried out acts of censorship towards the media, reserving only the right of clarification so as not to distort the information.'

Sonny Figueroa is not afraid. For one reason only: the truth. Despite threats against him, including death threats, the 29-year-old Guatemalan journalist explains that journalistic work in Guatemala is increasingly difficult and he accuses state agents.

He is the founder of the independent media Vox Populi, in which he has registered different complaints against the president and his political circle, since March 2020. Talking about these issues has generated a barrage of aggressions, threats and arbitrary acts that, according to him, have been orchestrated by state agents."

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