Peru: Four decades after the disappearance of journalist Hilario Ayuque, retired police officer is convicted of crime

"In 1984, journalist Hilario Ayuque Zuñiga disappeared in [the Peruvian city of] Huancavelica and justice has been sought for his forced disappearance ever since. Almost four decades later, the Fourth Specialized Transitory Criminal Court of the Superior Court of Justice decided to sentence retired National Police officer Raúl Hebert Manyari Castellares for the crime that affected the journalist.

The Second Superior National Criminal Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Human Rights, Interculturalism and Terrorism Crimes sentenced the retired officer to fifteen years in prison. The authorities accused him of the crime of forced disappearance and ordered the payment of 150,000 soles [about US $38,400 dollars] as compensation for civil damages. Manyari Castellares was also banned from holding any public office, position, job, or commission for five years."

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