Peruvian Press Council asks Congress to shelve proposal to amend penal code for infringing on freedom of expression

  • Source: CPP
  • September 13, 2023

"In a request for legislative powers requested by the Executive Power to Congress, a severe measure has been proposed that threatens freedom of expression, for which reason the Peruvian Press Council (CPP, by its Spanish acronym) requests that it be removed from the general document.

In point 3.1.2 paragraph C, it was proposed to modify the Penal Code regarding crimes against security and the public peace to 'punish the instigators of the crime of rioting [...], crimes that many times have been committed as a result of instigation even by public officials and communicators who using mass media have called for different marches even inciting violence' (sic).


The proposal by the Executive Branch opens the door to arbitrarily prosecute, under the category of instigators of disturbances, citizens -- including journalists -- who report or share information about protests. Experts have pointed out that this would criminalize the exercise of a constitutional right."

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