Prosecution of Argentine journalist Daniel Santoro is revoked, 'ratifies value of freedom of expression'

“The Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata revoked the prosecution of journalist Daniel Santoro in the case in which he was being investigated for alleged extortion and illegal espionage. [...] "

“The ruling is interpreted as a blow to the Kirchnerism discourse, which linked the journalist from Clarín newspaper to a political operation. [...] "

“In the case of Santoro, the judges said that the magistrates 'have not been invested in their positions to judge the quality or content of a journalistic work, much less, to address the way in which a journalist is linked to their source, these issues that in everything may be subject to an ethical or credibility judgment of their work, which is incumbent on the society that consumes their journalistic product, and not on the judges, provided, of course, that they are not facing the commission of a crime.'"

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