'There is no possible way to leave us voiceless,' Cuban journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa said upon receiving the 2022 CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award

"Independent reporter Abraham Jiménez Enoa received on Thu. Nov. 17 the International Press Freedom Award granted by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The Cuban journalist, the only Latin American nominated this year, dedicated the award to his colleagues Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca and Jorge Bello Domínguez, currently imprisoned on the island, during his thank you speech.


Jiménez Enoa, exiled in Spain since late last year, denounced in 2020 that Cuban authorities handcuffed him, interrogated him and threatened him with legal reprisals if he continued writing for The Washington Post, with which he has been collaborating since 2019.

'There is no possible way to leave us voiceless. We, Cuban journalists, are going to denounce the Cuban dictatorship's excesses until its last second of life, even if we have to pay a very high price for it,' the 33-year-old journalist said upon receiving the award."

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