Uruguay: Alleged spying on journalist by police chief under investigation

"[...] Journalist Gabriel Pereyra (Radio Sarandí, VTV) denounced last weekend through his Twitter account that a police chief at the Intelligence Service had ordered for him to be monitored and followed.

'The third in command in the Police Intelligence Service ordered surveillance on my person. The president [of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou] and the minister [of the Interior, Luis Alberto] Heber, who were informed, denied any responsibility. I never distrusted them,' wrote Pereyra, who for several years has specialized in covering police issues involving the Ministry of the Interior.

Minister Heber immediately ordered an 'emergency investigation' to clarify what had happened. Sources at the Ministry of the Interior said that 'while an investigation is going to be carried out, under no circumstances are journalists being followed or investigated.'"

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