Uruguay: Photojournalist Manuela Aldabe wins the Jelen Award for Written Journalism

"Photojournalist Manuela Aldabe was the winner of the VII Marcelo Jelen National Written Press Award for her coverage of the Aramaya Hotel fire, which occurred on Oct. 17, 2022. In the premises, which operated in the orbit of Mides as a shelter for mothers with children, a 31-year-old woman died and two of her children were hospitalized due to intoxication, in addition to five other children and an adult.


Other journalists of this newspaper also received awards, such as Lucas Silva, former editor of the newspaper, who was distinguished for his article on the spying on senators Bergara and Carrera, within the framework of his investigations on the Astesiano case. Camila Zignago also received a mention for her article 'Gracias a Dios: In the women's prison the churches provide emotional support, clothes, food and household appliances, in a context marked by a lack of State control.'

Mariana Abreu, [won] for her article 'Green dollar: In parallel to the increase in the country's carbon dioxide emissions and the business to exploit oil, the government is promoting the second energy transition. The focus is on the production of green hydrogen, an incipient activity at world level that is not free of questioning,' published in Brecha, and Guillermo Draper, editor in Búsqueda, [won] for 'Company linked to Sartori and Costantini fights at judicial level to keep almost all of a seaside resort in Rocha.'"

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