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Latin American Investigative Journalism Conference 2023 kicks off in Mexico this week

"The 2023 Latin American Conference of Investigative Journalism (Colpin, for its acronym in Spanish), the most important journalistic meeting in the region, will bring together more than 200 journalists from more than 15 countries for four days, from Dec. 6 to 9, in Mexico City. This event is organized by the Press and Society Institute […]

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GIJN appoints Venezuelan journalist Emilia Díaz-Struck as its new executive director

"Award-winning journalist Emilia Díaz-Struck has been named the incoming executive director of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, an association of more than 240 investigative journalism nonprofits throughout the world. Díaz-Struck will join GIJN as editor-at-large in mid-August, and then become executive director in September at the biennial conference of the network in Gothenburg, Sweden. [...] […]

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Latin American journalists among the new members of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network

"The third cohort of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network runs from January to June 2023. It includes 100 journalists from 57 countries from a wide range of news outlets. From Latin America there are journalists from Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela. The Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN) is a programme of the Reuters Institute for the […]

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Latin American outlets analyze 50 years of the war on drugs

"Latin America suffered some of the most severe effects of [the war on drugs]. Now, a half century to the day after that offensive was announced, a team of journalists in the region have joined together to launch the collaborative project, Una guerra adictiva, or “An Addictive War” through which they aim to expose the […]

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Five years later, Panama Papers still having a big impact

“Five years ago today, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and more than 100 media partners around the globe began publishing an investigation that would become a byword for exposing financial chicanery and political corruption: The Panama Papers. […] Just as Watergate became both a landmark in the history of journalism and a shorthand for […]

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UNHCR, Folha de S.Paulo and Museum of Immigration launch exhibit on refugee journalists in Brazil

"The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Folha de S.Paulo and the Museum of Immigration inaugurate this Wednesday (Jan. 3) the photographic exhibit Quem conta essa história: jornalistas refugiados ou refugiados jornalistas? (Who tells the story: refugee journalists or journalist refugees?) Composed of photos, texts and audiovisual resources, the exhibit relays the reasons for the forced displacement, the […]

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Brazil: Agência Pública and Meio launch newsletter series with unpublished behind-the-scenes details of WikiLeaks case

Agência Pública and Canal Meio are launching the newsletter "O ano em que o WikiLeaks mudou o mundo" (The year WikiLeaks changed the world). This is a pop-up newsletter, which ends after a certain number of episodes. The first part of the story is sent when the reader signs up and the rest will be […]

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Brazil: Independent journalism organizations monitor violence during municipal elections

"Independent journalism initiatives in Brazil will monitor and map cases of violence in municipal elections in the country that take place on Nov. 15 and 29 (first and second rounds). They are: Agência Pública, Agência Saiba Mais, Amazônia Real, Gênero e Número, Marco Zero, Plural, Ponte Jornalismo, Portal Catarinas and Projeto #Colabora. Voters from all […]