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Brazil: Men invade studio and threaten to attack broadcaster who criticized Bolsonaro

"Four unidentified men invaded a radio studio located in the municipality of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, in Agreste de Pernambuco, [Brazil], on Tuesday night (April 6, 2021). On the occasion, the men, who declare themselves supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, threatened to attack radio broadcaster Júnior Albuquerque after he criticized the federal government's health policy […]

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Police investigate whether fire at newspaper in Olímpia, São Paulo, was a criminal act

"At dawn on March 17, 2021, in Olímpia, a city in the north of São Paulo, there was a fire at the headquarters of newspaper Folha da Região. The police suspect that the act was a response to the positioning of the outlet in defense of scientific and legal measures to confront the pandemic. The […]

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Photographer of newspaper Estado de Minas in Brazil is attacked and harassed by Bolsonaro supporters

"A protest carried out this Monday (March 15) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, culminated in censorship of the work of the press, with violent attacks against a photographer-reporter from the Estado de Minas (...) The group tried to prevent the journalist from filming and photographing the act, on the grounds that he is a 'communist.' The […]

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Site wins appeal in criminal defamation case against fact-checking site Aos Fatos

"On March 1, the Justice of Rio de Janeiro accepted an appeal by Jornal da Cidade Online against Aos Fatos and its executive director, Tai Nalon, in which it accused them of crimes of defamation and unfair competition. The appeal was a response to a previous decision from the TJ-RJ, of September 2020, which had […]

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Brazilian sports blogger faces 5-month prison sentence over 2016 defamation case

"On Feb. 23, the 26th Criminal Court of São Paulo state issued an arrest order to enforce a five-month prison sentence for [Paulo Cezar de Andrade] Prado, who covers sports and politics on his blog Blog do Paulinho, in relation to a criminal defamation case that has been ongoing since 2016, according to Prado and […]

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Journalists from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru are in the first cohort of fellows of Rainforest Investigations Network

"The Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN), the Pulitzer Center's new initiative for investigative journalism in tropical rainforest regions, has selected its first cohort of Fellows. Thirteen journalists from 10 countries will spend a year producing investigative stories on key issues facing the future of the Amazon, the forests of the Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. The […]

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Facebook has an apparent double standard over COVID-19 misinformation in Brazil, researchers say

"Researchers want Facebook’s Oversight Board to evaluate the platform’s exemption of politicians from fact-checking after new research from Brazillian fact-checking organization Agência Lupa pointed to 29 examples of President Jair Bolsonaro spreading COVID-19 misinformation. [...] The research, first reported on by Brazillian news outlet Folha de Sao Paulo, looked at Facebook videos and live sessions […]

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Journalist dismissed after questioning Bolsonaro about Superior Court's decision

"The city of Rio Branco dismissed a communication advisor of the Secretariat of the Environment, João Renato Jácome. On Wednesday (Feb. 24), the journalist was working as a freelancer for newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. He went to the press conference of President Jair Bolsonaro, who was visiting Acre, and questioned Bolsonaro about the […]

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How publishers in Brazil are engaging new audiences with WhatsApp

"By using WhatsApp Correio is responding to a national trend: in 2019, one forecast proclaimed Brazil as the app’s second largest market after India with 99 million monthly active users. Other estimates put this estimated audience at 120 million. The trend goes beyond Brazil though. Research suggests WhatsApp is most frequently used by people in […]

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Reporters Without Borders launches campaign to defend reliable reporting in Brazil

"In Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro uses lies and attacks on the media to mask his inability to address the Covid-19 pandemic’s devastating impact, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is about to launch a communication campaign called the “Naked Truth” to highlight journalism’s vital importance in providing access to reliable information about the pandemic. Produced by […]