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Prediction for 2024: Journalism refuses to die in Latin America (despite everything)

"In 2022, Latin America was the most dangerous region in the world to practice journalism. According to different NGO data, between 30 and 42 journalists were killed in that year. Although there are still no official figures for 2023, the picture is not very different: UNESCO states that 69 journalists from ten countries were killed […]

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GIJN appoints Venezuelan journalist Emilia Díaz-Struck as its new executive director

"Award-winning journalist Emilia Díaz-Struck has been named the incoming executive director of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, an association of more than 240 investigative journalism nonprofits throughout the world. Díaz-Struck will join GIJN as editor-at-large in mid-August, and then become executive director in September at the biennial conference of the network in Gothenburg, Sweden. [...] […]

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Rafael Moreno's assassination in Colombia: Journalists come together to reveal what he was investigating

“'If you have to kill me, go ahead and kill me. But I say it to your face: you won’t silence me.’ Colombian journalist Rafael Moreno defied his detractors and predicted his own demise with these words, spoken in a 37-minute Facebook live on July 21, 2022. […] For more than half an hour, the […]

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Colombia: Alleged murderer of journalists Montero and Contreras is captured

"This week, the Prosecutor's Office identified and captured the alleged perpetrator of the murder of journalists Leiner Montero Ortega and Dilia Contreras Cantillo. The murder took place on Aug. 28, on the road leading from the village of Santa Rosa de Lima to the municipal capital of Fundación, Colombia. The Prosecutor's Office (...) charged Carlos Mario […]

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Consortium of Brazilian media outlets completes 500 days of collaborative work

"On the day that Brazil reached more than half of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the consortium of media outlets completed 500 uninterrupted days of work. The group is formed by G1, O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL. The consortium was created on June 8, 2020 in response […]

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Latin American outlets analyze 50 years of the war on drugs

"Latin America suffered some of the most severe effects of [the war on drugs]. Now, a half century to the day after that offensive was announced, a team of journalists in the region have joined together to launch the collaborative project, Una guerra adictiva, or “An Addictive War” through which they aim to expose the […]