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Colombian Supreme Court reverses decision and now journalist Vicky Dávila will have to compensate official

“Although last February, the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice [of Colombia] had freed journalist Vicky Dávila, as well as TV network RCN, from having to pay compensation in favor of retired colonel Jorge Hilario Estupiñán, now the Civil Chamber of the high court reversed that decision and left the reparation order intact […]

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Venezuelan journalists detained for 24 hours while reporting in conflict zone

Updated entry: "However, this Thursday [April 1] Venezuelan journalists Luis Gonzalo Pérez and Rafael Hernández were released, more than 24 hours after they were detained. The alarms went off at night, after having lost communication with all of them. After more than 20 hours without communication, the National Union of Press Workers (SNTP, for its […]

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FARC dissident sentenced to 28 years in prison for the murders of team of journalists from Ecuador

"The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation [of Colombia] reported this Tuesday [March 30] that a judge has sentenced FARC dissident Jesús Vargas Cuajiboy, alias Reinel, to 28 years and eight months in prison for the abduction and murder of a journalistic team from Ecuadoran newspaper El Comercio, perpetrated on March 26, 2018. [...] […]

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I/A Court HR asks the State of Colombia to protect the lives of Jineth Bedoya and her mother

"The Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a resolution to adopt provisional measures in the Bedoya Lima and another v. Colombia Case, by virtue of which the Colombian State is ordered to immediately implement all the necessary measures to protect the life and personal integrity of the alleged victims Jineth Bedoya Lima and Luz Nelly […]

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Leader of FARC dissident group threatens two women journalists in Colombia

"Colombian journalists Claudia Gurisatti (general vice president of communications media of organization Ardilla Lülle) and Vicky Dávila (director of Semana magazine) have received threats from FARC dissidents, according to police director, General Jorge Luis Vargas. 'All security measures have been adopted, for the case, in order to guarantee the life and integrity of these recognized […]

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Journalists from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru are in the first cohort of fellows of Rainforest Investigations Network

"The Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN), the Pulitzer Center's new initiative for investigative journalism in tropical rainforest regions, has selected its first cohort of Fellows. Thirteen journalists from 10 countries will spend a year producing investigative stories on key issues facing the future of the Amazon, the forests of the Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. The […]

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Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear case of Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima this month

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I/A Court HR) will hold a public hearing on the abduction, torture and sexual violence suffered by Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima in 2000. Bedoya Lima's case will be heard on March 15, 16 and 17 during the 140 Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Inter-American Court, which will […]

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FLIP warns journalists of Colombian's State 'capacity for intimidation'

“The overview of freedom of expression in [Colombia] is very worrying. This is demonstrated with figures and facts from a report by the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP). According to the leading organization in the fight to protect journalists in the country, threats, homicides, displacements and exile have worsened 'significantly' in the last four years, […]

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More than 400 journalists have been victims of the armed conflict in Colombia: National Center of Memory

"The National Center for Historical Memory revealed that 425 journalists were victimized during the armed confrontation in Colombia between 1958 and 2020. The greatest violent acts against them were selective murders with 244 press professionals killed, followed by abductions (149 records ) and forced disappearances with 23 victims. [...] According to the Memory Center, the […]

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30 years since the kidnapping and murder of Colombian journalist Diana Turbay

"'Diana Turbay assassinated. The abductors shot her in the back. Cameraman Richard Becerra is rescued unharmed. The Elite Police Corps carried out an operation after Pablo Escobar.' This is how El Espectador headlined the cover of Jan. 26, 1991, in which a large part of the issue was dedicated to covering the death of the […]