Freedom of Expression

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Group attacks headquarters of IstoÉ magazine after it publishes edition critical of Bolsonaro

"The headquarters of Editora Três, responsible for publishing the magazine IstoÉ, was the target of criminal attacks this Wednesday night [Oct. 20], days after publishing an edition whose cover compares President Jair Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler. According to the company, 'political activists' put up posters and graffiti on the walls of the place, causing damage […]

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Latin America and the Caribbean sees decline in recognition of right to information and rise of disinformation: IFEX

"This region has seen a decline in its historical progress towards recognizing the right to information – despite an important new regional treaty in the area. A shortage of credible information in relation to critical issues, including the fight against COVID, sits in contrast to the abundance of disinformation and misinformation that has submerged the […]

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Organizations say Ecuador's new law against Digital Violence threatens freedom of expression

“The approval of the so-called Digital Violence Law caused displeasure in the legislature, ignited alerts from defenders of freedom of expression and also a claim from the State Attorney General's Office. The discussion reached such a point that the same proponent of the project asked the Executive to veto the document. [...] The objective was […]

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Nicaraguan police beat and detain journalist Kalúa Salazar of Radio La Costeñísima

“Anti-riot agents of the [Nicaraguan] National Police beat and illegally detained journalist Kalúa Salazar, editor-in-chief of Radio La Costeñísima, in her home. At dawn on Monday, April 19, the communicator tried to leave her house in Bluefields, to go to the media outlet, but the officers forcibly prevented her from doing so. 'A caravan for […]

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HRW warns online free speech is at risk in Mexico

"Mexican Senate Majority Leader Ricardo Monreal’s proposed bill to regulate social media networks could severely restrict free speech in Mexico, Human Rights Watch said today. The bill would require companies to censor broadly defined categories of online content in violation of international norms currently in force. Senator Monreal should withdraw his proposal."   Read original article

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World Press Freedom Conference 2020 begins this week online

“The World Press Freedom Conference 2020 (WPFC) uniquely gathers journalists, media companies, human rights defenders, members of the judiciary, policymakers, academics, youth, NGOs and everyone who is interested in press freedom worldwide.” “WPFC 2020 will be held in a new, innovative format: merging digital and in-person elements. UNESCO and The Kingdom of the Netherlands are […]

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IACHR to hold new public hearings on human rights in Latin America

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) will hold its 178th Period of Sessions, which will take place virtually from December 3 to 15. IACHR will hold these meetings “with civil society to receive information on the human rights situation in the countries of the región.” On December 3, the Association of Journalists of El […]

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Uruguayan law that authorizes blocking and removal of audiovisual content without judicial order worries organizations

“The signatory organizations consider that these kinds of modifications with risks for the validity of fundamental rights need an informed debate with the participation of multiple stakeholders. The removal of content from the Internet without a decision by a judicial authority - even when there is the possibility of appeal by users after the fact […]

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Legal restrictions harm freedom of the press and expression, underlines IAPA resolution

“The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) expressed concern about bills and decrees issued under the argument of sanctioning the dissemination of fake news in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina, which cut off freedom of speech and the press. During its 76th General Assembly, held virtually from October 21 to […]