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At least 10 deaths of journalists on the Brazil-Paraguay border in the past decade

At least 10 media professionals have been assassinated in the region near the border between Brazil and Paraguay in the last 10 years. Their deaths are largely related to organized crime. However, sometimes crimes are committed in retaliation for political disagreements, unrelated to criminal groups. The most recent case was that of Brazilian Léo Veras, […]

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Haitian gang frees journalist Alexander Gálvez 9 days after abduction

“Alexander Gálvez, the Haitian correspondent who was abducted by gangs in Haiti, was released this Monday [Dec. 6] after being deprived of his liberty for nine days. As reported by the Haitian media outlet Radio Télé Métronome, the abduction of the reporter from Grupo de Medios Telemicro had been perpetrated by the criminal gang ‘400 […]

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Bolivian print media and journalists demand sanction for abductors of reporters

“The main print media represented by the National Press Association (ANP, for its acronym in Spanish) and the National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANPB) called on the government to bring to justice the masterminds and material authors of the abduction and torture of journalists, this past Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021, in the Guarayos province […]

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Peru: New government takes office after electoral process that saw 71 attacks on journalists and media

“During the 2021 electoral process, 71 attacks on journalists and the media were registered by the Human Rights Office of the National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP, for its acronym in Spanish). Said registry covers attacks that occurred from January to Monday, July 19, the date on which the president-elect, Pedro Castillo Terrones, was […]

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Journalist previously threatened is targeted by gunfire in northeastern Pará, Brazil

"A journalist from Moju, northeastern Pará, was shot at on Friday night (July 9). According to residents, two suspects shot at least seven times at the victim, who was reportedly shot in the chest and face on his way home, after attending an Adventist church service. He was taken to Belém, where he must receive […]

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Brazilian photojournalists denounce aggressions when covering protests against Bolsonaro

"Four photojournalists denounced having been attacked by a military police officer and by security guards from ViaQuatro, the concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of Line 4-Yellow of the subway, while covering the demonstration against President Jair Bolsonaro in São Paulo. Paulo, last Saturday, July 3, 2021."   Read original article (in Portuguese)

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Ecuadorian journalists assaulted and attacked during live broadcast

"Journalist Jhony Urgiles and cameraman Diego Vélez were broadcasting live the newscast of the digital media outlet DulzuraTV on June 28 when they were assaulted and verbally and physically attacked by two individuals who entered the channel's facilities in the province of Cañar, in the Ecuadorian sierra. After seven at night, when they had presented […]

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Guatemalan journalist Jovanna García attacked while covering anti-government protest

“On November 28, a man participating in an anti-government demonstration in Guatemala City hit Jovanna García, a journalist with the online outlet Ruda, with an iron pole in her clavicle and shoulder and called her an “infiltrated feminist,” according to a report by IM-Defensoras, a regional human rights group, and Ruda editor-in-chief Quimy de León, […]

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NSC TV team is attacked on Florianópolis beach in Brazil

“Two NSC TV professionals were attacked this Monday morning (Nov. 2) at a Campeche beach, in Florianópolis, while doing a report. The team recorded displays of disrespect for the state decree that stipulates rules against the coronavirus pandemic. On the scene were reporter Bárbara Barbosa and cameraman Renato Soder. The idea was to present the […]