Mexico: Journalist José Luis Gamboa killed after stabbing attack in Veracruz

"Veracruz journalist José Luis Gamboa Arenas unfortunately passed away last Saturday, Jan. 15, after being stabbed during an alleged robbery in the port of Veracruz [Mexico]. Seriously injured, Gamboa Arenas was taken to a hospital where his death was later confirmed.

'The motive for the crime of said male person is unknown. It was only reported that he showed signs of violence due to puncture wounds. It was not clarified whether he was the victim of a robbery or of direct aggression due to a fight', the Plumas Libres website reported.

In recent days, Gamboa Arenas had posted on social media severe criticism of the level of insecurity. And also of the protection with which the municipal authorities of the port of Veracruz allegedly allowed apparent extortions in the city's neighborhoods, identifying organized crime groups as responsible."

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