Judicial Harassment

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Guatemalan judge exonerates journalist Carlos Choc, accused of instigating violence after covering protests in 2021

"A Guatemalan judge ordered this Tues., Sept. 13, to release without charges journalist Carlos Choc, who had been accused of instigating violence during a demonstration in 2021. Judge Aníbal Arteaga [...] dismissed the accusations against Choc. The judge said there was insufficient evidence to support the accusation made by the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor's Office (MP, […]

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Cuba: Article 19 alerts about the escalation of repression to journalism, after forced resignations of journalists

"ARTICLE 19 expresses its concern and alert about the intensification of the repressive scenario that has arisen in recent months against journalists [in Cuba], by forcing them to publicly resign their jobs in exchange for not being imprisoned. So far we know of the resignations of Cynthia de la Cantera of the digital news outlet […]

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Argentina: FOPEA warned before the UN about the use of the Judiciary to attack journalists

"For the first time in its 20 years, [news organization] FOPEA presented before the United Nations (UN) a warning about attacks from the political power towards journalism that affect freedom of expression in Argentina. Specifically, three cases of judicial harassment of journalists in [Argentina] were highlighted. These relate to the persecutions suffered by journalists Irene […]