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Journalist Mardonio Mejía's murder leaves news vacuum in municipality in Sucre, Colombia

"Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, Jan. 24, journalist Mardonio Mejía Mendoza was murdered in San Pedro, Sucre [Colombia]. Since then, Sonora Estéreo 94.3 FM, the community radio station where he was manager and journalist, and the only one in the municipality, shut down. His murder brought an unprecedented silence to this town in the Sucre […]

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Venezuela: 13 states have no independent media, according to organization Espacio Público

"The organization Espacio Público denounced this May 3 that in 'at least' 13 states of Venezuela there are no news outlets with an independent editorial line. 'Using direct and indirect means, the Government has reduced the already depressed Venezuelan media ecosystem. Today there are 13 states that do not have access to news outlets with […]

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FOPEA publishes research on news deserts in Argentina

"On the Day of the Journalist, we published the Map of News Deserts of Argentina, an investigation by FOPEA, with the support of [Google Argentina]. We toured the entire country, town by town, to reveal the uneven distribution of journalism. For 6 months, a team of more than 20 journalists worked to ascertain where there […]