Threats Against Journalists

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Argentine journalist Julio Ernesto López receives death threats after reporting on illegal medication sales

"Argentine authorities must thoroughly investigate the death threats received by journalist Julio Ernesto López on his father’s cell phone, the Committee to Protect Journalists said on Friday [April 12, 2024]. According to an April 5 post on X, formerly Twitter, by the Association of Argentine Press Companies (ADEPA), a professional association, and a complaint López […]

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Argentina: Businessman threatens journalist with legal action over news report

"The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA, by its Spanish acronym) expressed its solidarity with a journalist from [digital news outlet] iProfesional, Andrés Sanguinetti, 'who was threatened by a businessman with a civil and criminal lawsuit if he does not retract and remove a publication.' [...] 'The iProfesional colleague received a letter from the businessman Pablo Otero, […]

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Gustavo Gorriti, director of IDL-Reporteros, denounces that Peruvian prosecutor's office criminalizes journalism after opening investigation against him

"The Supreme Prosecutor's Office [of Peru] has initiated a controversial preliminary investigation against Gustavo Gorriti, renowned director of IDL-Reporteros, which has generated an intense debate about freedom of expression and the rights of journalists in the country. Under the direction of the provisional supreme prosecutor Alcides Chinchay, in charge of the Second Transitory Supreme Prosecutor's […]

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Journalist Nelson Castro receives death threats amid wave of drug violence in Rosario, Argentina

"TN journalist Nelson Castro, who was sent as a correspondent to Rosario [Argentina] to cover the wave of drug violence, was threatened with death this morning [March 11] along with his team as soon as he set foot in the city of Santa Fe. 'Tell him that if he reaches Seguí and Oroño we will […]

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Honduran media outlet Reportar Sin Miedo receives threats after publishing investigation

“Article 19 rejects the indirect threats against the Honduran media outlet Reportar Sin Miedo and its journalistic team, after publishing the investigation 'Los nuevos ricos de San Pedro Sula, entre las redes de corrupción y la basura,' (The newly rich of San Pedro Sula, between the networks of corruption and garbage), as well as the […]

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Colombia: Journalist requested protection after Clan del Golfo threats

"Journalist Alberto Henao Peralta denounced a series of threats by members of the Clan del Golfo [an armed narco-paramilitary group in Colombia]. In a video, spread through the X account of Paloma Valencia [Colombian lawyer and senator], the journalist from Sucre indicated that he has had to leave his territory for fear of these threats. […]

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Journalist in Ecuador forced to read pamphlet from criminal groups during live program

“A journalist from Radio Integración (whose name we are keeping confidential for security reasons) was forced with a threatening pamphlet to read a message from criminal groups, addressed to different sectors of the city of Tulcán and the province of Carchi [Ecuador], on the border with Colombia. 'When choosing journalism as an instrument to build […]

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Honduran journalist denounces threats against her after publishing story involving son of mayor​

“Yalile Dubón Pérez, a social communicator, was threatened multiple times by unknown people after she published a news story involving the son of the mayor of the city of Santa Rosa de Copán. Dubón Pérez is director and manager of the news program Yalile Informa, which is broadcast on the channel Occidente Al Día TV. […]

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Fundamedios alarmed by forced exile of journalists from Ecuador during 2023

“During the year 2023, Ecuador has experienced an alarming escalation of violence. Fundamedios has recorded 265 attacks this year, which have affected 343 journalists, media outlets, candidates, civil society organizations and activists. Attacks perpetrated by organized crime increased 870% compared to 2020, and 240% compared to 2022. Along these lines, threats represented 15% of total […]

‘I’ll be killed if they find me’: Radio reporter Maxo Dorvil flees Haiti amid gang violence

“Haitian radio journalist Maxo Dorvil fled the country on November 7, 2023, after reporting that he was shot at twice in less than two weeks near his home on the outskirts of the capital Port-au-Prince. The 44-year-old journalist with the independent broadcaster Radio Télé Zip said he was shot at by two armed men on […]