7 radio broadcasters in Ecuador face sanctions for airing freedom of expression debate

The Ecuadorean Telecommunications Superintendency (Supertel) announced that it would seek to punish seven radio broadcasters for a simultaneous broadcast of a debate on freedom of expression without first notifying the authorities, reported Fundamedios.

On the Ecuadorean Independence Day, Aug. 10, five newspapers published covers with the words, "For the freedom of expression." On the same day, Ecuadoradio, a broadcaster owned by the El Comercio group that publishes the eponymous newspaper, organized a debate between several radio broadcasters to discuss President Rafael Correa's proposed communications bill.

The broadcasters Quito, Centro, Genial Exa, Visión, and Platinum, from the capital Quito; Radio City from Guayaquil and Ondas Azuayas from Cuenca were all informed that they incurred an administrative Class II violation for not having notified Supertel of their broadcast plans, according to the newspaper El Comercio.

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