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As Brazilian elections near, free expression debate continues to polarize

The intensification of campaigns as we near Brazil's election day - Sunday, Oct. 3 - has provoked journalists and activist groups to release competing manifestos on freedom of expression and the behavior of the media, Carta Capital magazine reports.

Colombian prosecutor ties two politicians to journalist killing

A prosecutor has opened an investigation into two former congressmen, Francisco Ferney Tapasco and his son Dixon Ferney Tapasco Triviño, for their alleged role in the death of Orlando Sierra, a journalist and editor at La Patria newspaper, EFE and RCN Radio report.

Press groups condemn threats to free expression in Brazil

In the lead-up to the Oct. 3 Brazilian elections, industry groups have released reports documenting threats to free expression in the country.

Grenade launched at local radio station in Colombia

A grenade exploded Saturday, Sept. 25, at the radio station Olimpica Stereo, in the city of Villavicencio. No one was injured, reported the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP).

Uruguay's president says governments must support press freedom

President José Mujica told the Brazilian magazine Veja that rulers shouldn’t respond to criticism from the press, because “if you respond you lose twice,” EFE reports.

Guatemalan reporter robbed again, and another journalist killed in the capital

Marvin del Cid Acevedo, part of the investigative team for the Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico, had his home broken into for a second time, and his laptop, where he stores all the documents associated with his journalistic work, was stolen, reported Cerigua.

Thousands of Argentines march in favor of media law

Under the slogan “the media law is for everyone, for the monopolies too,” activists demanded enforcement of the Audiovisual Media Law, a rule that was passed by Congress nearly a year ago but is still unenforced due to several court rulings, La Jornada and EFE report.

Brazilian police try to seize magazine that published corruption allegations

Thirty armed police officers in Tocantins state attempted to stop the circulation of Veja magazine for reporting on allegations involving the state’s incumbent gubernatorial candidate, Carlos Gaguim (PMDB), writes Veja blogger Reinaldo Azevedo.

Salvadoran court eliminates immunity for journalists accused of defamation

In what has been characterized as a “blow to the media,” the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador declared unconstitutional a section of the penal code that exempted media, reporters, editors and owners from legal responsibility for defamation. According to the ruling, the law violated the principle of equality, reported El Mundo and El Faro.

Association says Argentine government treats journalism as the enemy

The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) said in its annual report that President Cristina Fernández's government acts as if journalism is "an enemy” and warned that pressure on the media from the authorities is degrading freedom of expression.