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Courts uphold prior censorship of Brazilian newspaper, which cannot report on political controversy since 2009

Judges from the Brazilian capital decided on Wednesday, May 22, to uphold an order to censor newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, which continues to be unable to publish news stories about a police operation that involved relatives of prominent politician José Sarney, reported the newspaper. 

Uruguay sends media bill to Parliament

The Uruguayan government submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, May 22 a bill that would set new telecommunication rules in the country.

Colombian news site La Silla Vacía sees opportunity in mixing regional coverage and digital narratives

Created in 2009 by acclaimed Colombian journalist Juanita León, news site La Silla Vacía ("The Empty Chair" in Spanish) was born with the mission of demystifying, one story at a time, the way that power works.

One year after its launch, Brazil's sunshine law is not evenly respected by public agencies, study finds

One year after Brazil's Access to Information law took effect, fewer than half of the public agencies respect the law and the Executive branch receives the most information requests--and complaints--from journalists.

Founder of Blog del Narco flees Mexico after colleague goes missing

The founder of the popular Mexican website Blog del Narco has fled the country after a colleague that helped her administer the site went missing.

Journalists and academics in Brazil discuss ethics in the digital age during international colloquium

Hundreds of journalists and academics gathered this week in Natal, Brazil for the Second International Colloquium on Structural Changes in Journalism (or MEJOR, in Portuguese) to discuss the impact of new technologies on professional ethics and identities.

Mexican journalist could lose her armed protection in 20 days

Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández, who has been threatened several times since 2010, could lose the armed escorts who have protected her for the last three years. 

New UN website in Brazil seeks to broaden the debate on journalists' security

With the aim to broaden the debate on journalists' security, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, and the United Nations Information Center in Rio de Janeiro launched the website Segurança de Jornalistas (Journalists' Security in English) on May 3, World Press Freedom Day. 

Diversity in Latin American markets drives paid content strategies

Internet use is growing rapidly in Latin America, and traditional media groups are exploring digital paid content strategies to try to protect and consolidate their dominant position, especially in the face of competition from new digital-only news organizations.

Venezuelan media dispute versions of the April 14 presidential election

Already marked by polarization during the administration of Hugo Chávez, the media environment in Venezuela is now fueling political disputes following the troubled presidential election on April 14, between Chávez's appointed successor, Nicolás Maduro, and opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.