Brazilian governor's brother threatens reporter after allegation of embezzlement

Brazilian journalist Claudio Dantas Sequeira was threatened by the brother of the governor of the Brazilian Federal District, Angelo Queiroz, as he interviewed him for a report on the family's new-found wealth for the magazine Isto É on Dec. 11, reported the Press and Society Institute.

In the report, titled "Angelo's Prosperous Family," Sequeira said that Ailton Querioz, the governor's youngest brother, aggressively responded to the investigation and started threatening him, claiming to know where he lived and what kind of motorcycle he drives. "The only thing is that sometimes it (the brand of motorcycle) catches on fire and explodes," he said.

When questioned if he had threatened the reporter, Querioz, author of a 2008 report alleging wiretaps in the Supreme Court of Justice, lost his patience. "Do you know where I work? Do you think you're messing with a moron? Then we'll see. You better watch yourself!"

Sequeira showed in the report that the politician's family, accused of being involved in an embezzlement scheme at the Ministry of Sports, is worth over $5 million, according to the website Luis Nassif Online.

The Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District released a statement asking the authorities to investigate the threats against the reporter.