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The trainees of the 33th class of Estadão's trainee program

Training programs in Brazil revamp to follow changes in journalism and increase diversity

Brazilian journalism faces challenges in academic training and in newsrooms. While many journalism courses tend towards theory and develop practice sparingly, training programs promoted by media outlets seek to fill the gaps. Programs from newspapers Folha de S. Paulo and Estadão, active for over 30 years, more recently began to prioritize diversity.

Viewed from behind, Fluminense fans wearing team shirts and some shirtless individuals are seen rushing towards a conflict. In the background, a group is engaged in a collective brawl outside Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Violence from soccer fans poses another risk to journalists in Latin America

Cases of beatings, attacks and insults from fans against journalists have multiplied in many countries in Latin America. Behind the attacks, there may be new codes of conduct among violent fans and a deep intolerance for difference.

Photo of a middle aged man wearing a blue shirt against the national flag of Brazil

Journalists who criticize Brazilian governor face investigations and legal proceedings; the Supreme Court intervenes

Eighteen journalists in Brazil face legal cases after publishing about the state governor of Mato Grosso, Mauro Mendes. They argue that the police and judicial apparatus of the state is being used to silence voices that publish information unfavorable to the governor.

aerial view of deforested area in the brazilian amazon

Reporters covering environment and climate in Latin America confront threats and harassment in the field

Environmental and climate journalists face extreme risks, including physical and legal threats, when reporting on environmental degradation, according to a new report from the International Press Institute. In Latin America, organized crime, businesses and corrupt state forces represent the main threats to these professionals, Barbara Trionfi, author of the report, told LJR.

A photo montage featuring Continente and Pernambuco magazines. The newer issues are displayed in the front, while the older ones are positioned in the background

Continente and Pernambuco magazines showcase the potential and challenges of publicly supported journalism in Brazil

With national reach and without equivalent in the country, Continente and Pernambuco magazines have recently undergone renovations. Financed by a publisher that belongs to the Pernambuco state government, the publications, which are 24 and 37 years old, are successful examples of a state-funded model of cultural journalism, but are not exempt from criticism.

‘We need to look at what professionals from the Northeast produce’: 5 questions for the founders of Brazil’s Rede Cajueira

Mariama Correia and Nayara Felizardo are co-founders of Cajueira, launched in 2020 as a newsletter and today a network that promotes journalistic production in Northeast Brazil. They spoke with LJR about what has changed – and what has not changed – in coverage of the region, the strength of independent journalism carried out in the Northeast and Cajueira's next steps.

Two imposing floats parade while costumed people dance between them. Along the sides, spectators enthusiastically watch the parade from the stands. In the background, the Apoteose monument stands out

How to cover Brazilian Carnival: Specialized journalists give tips and warnings

Reporting on Carnival, the biggest Brazilian popular event, involves everything from understanding social dynamics that are often invisible, to particular physical demands. LJR spoke to journalists who specialize in the subject for advice on how to cover the festivities.

people sitting around tables during meeting of the Observatory of Violence Against Journalists (Brazil)

One year after its creation, Brazil’s National Observatory on Violence against Journalists ‘has a long way to go’ to be effective, organizations say

Civil society organizations that participate in the National Observatory of Violence against Journalists and Social Communicators welcome the “good will” of the Brazilian government, but state that a lack of personnel and prioritization of the issue are obstacles to its effectiveness. Changes in the Ministry of Justice, where the Observatory is housed, also concern them.

hands of a white person with painted fingernails texting on a smartphone

This Brazilian fact-checking org uses a ChatGPT-esque bot to answer reader questions

Aos Fatos, a Brazilian media outlet specialized in fact-checking, integrated ChatGPT with its journalistic production to create a question and answer chatbot, FátimaGPT. On WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter, the chatbot answers questions from the public based on texts already published on the website.


Political parties and candidates resort to lawsuits to silence journalists during elections: A growing trend in Brazil

A study by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) found a 14% increase in the number of lawsuits against journalists and media outlets asking for the removal of content related to the 2022 elections. This is compared to 2018. Researchers highlight the impact on press freedom and the democratic process, as well as trends for municipal elections in 2024.