Brazilian media giant releases editorial principles

The Brazilian media giant Grupo Globo released guiding editorial principles for all of its outlets, reported the newspaper Folha de São Paulo on Saturday, Aug. 6.

The document listing the principles starts with "a brief introduction to journalism." "Journalism," the document reads, "is the composite of activities that, according to certain rules and principles, produce a first knowledge of facts and people."

The document is further divided into three sections: quality information; how journalists should behave toward sources, the public, their colleagues and the media outlet they work for; and which values are imperative for journalism.

Globo emphasized that their journalists should be guided by impartiality, accuracy and agility. Journalists should be true to the news and avoid sensationalism in accordance with G1, the group's news site.

A letter from Group President Roberto Irineu Marinho and Vice Presidents João Roberto Miarinho and José Roberto Marinho introduced the release. The goal of formally releasing the editorial principles of the media company "is not to simply differentiate ourselves but rather to transparently facilitate public discussion about our group's work and allow for anyone to verify if our practices are not consistent with our beliefs," reported BOL.

Globo's initiative takes place a few months after the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ in Portuguese) instituted a Permanent Self-Regulation Program with the objective of stimulating newspapers, improving the relationship with readers and increasing transparency.

Founded with the newspaper "O Globo," established in 1925, Grupo Globo encompasses newspapers, television stations, magazines, radio and Internet. The company is run by the Marinho family. BBC Brasil reports that 38.7% of the television market belongs to Grupo Globo.

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